We are a Restaurant & Hospitality Design Firm established in Seattle, Washington by Liliana Edwards in 2010 with offices in the US and Mexico. Our focus is helping our clients successfully position their brand in the local and regional market. Working with large or small budgets, we help them become recognizable and personable to create revenue by developing smart business strategies that make sense.

Our team of designers offers a variety of essential services to get your business started including: Brand Identity, Website Design, Interior Design, Marketing Strategies, and Restaurant Operations. We have a passion for creating and launching brands that will make your business stand out from the rest and create a unique relationship with your customers.


Liliana Edwards

Founder & CEO
Art Director

Fabio Madiai

Italian Designer and Scenographer

Lives and works in Florence in Tuscany, land of the great art masters of history. He’s able to totally transform environments with an innovative technique created by him; where light and matter combine with colors to obtain a strong aesthetic impact.

Cesar Casas Beaux

Architectural Design & Project Manager

Ovidio Cuellar

Architectural Design & 3D Rendering

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Brian Rink

Senior Website Designer

Brian enjoys creating innovative website solutions that engage and inspire.

Leo Raymundo

Senior Graphic Designer

Rodney Flores

Restaurant Operations