Our team of designers offer a variety of essential services, from Brand Identity, Web Design, Interior Design, Marketing Strategies to Restaurant Operations to get your business started. We focus on deep market research locally and all around the world and develop strategic concepts to successfully create a hospitality business that shapes your ideas into reality.


  • Company Naming
  • Tagline & Slogan
  • Color Palette
  • Logo Design
  • Food Menu Design
  • Drink Menu Design
  • Collateral Design (Business Cards, Postcards, Marketing Materials, Window Decals, Gift Cards, Comment Cards, Packaging Design, Pre-opening & Post Opening Marketing Materials, etc)
  • Website Design


  • Maximization of Revenue per square foot
  • Restaurant Interior Design
  • Restaurant Exterior Design
  • Bar Design
  • Lighting Design
  • Signage Design
  • Awning Design
  • Greenery


  • Pre Opening Marketing Campaigns
  • Local Listing Claims
  • Social Media Profiles and Ownership
  • Brand Positioning in Maps
  • Marketing Campaigns (pay per click)
  • Paid Ads
  • In-House Marketing Strategies
  • PR Firm Leverage (Press Release)
  • Post Opening Marketing Plan


  • Set up of POS System and training
  • Set up of System Reservation and training
  • Set up of Credit Card Processor
  • In-house Gift Card System Set up and Training
  • Third Party Gift Card System Contract and Set up
  • Recruitment Management:
  • Staff Hiring, Staff Training and Day of Opening Operations Management
  • Staff Dress Codes


Restaurant & Bar Design Group works within the frame work of the industry standard phases of design. We provide full service to our clients, from Preliminary Design to Post Opening Services. Each phase is a refined development of the previous phase. The completion of each phase sets a bench mark for the client to evaluate the progress of the design and serves as a point of approval to proceed to the next phase. In addition to providing all phases, full services on a project, we can provide limited design services, focusing on a particular level of design characteristic of an individual phase or take over your whole project.

  • Conversation
  • Negotiation
  • Services & Design
  • Follow Up
  • Review of Contracts, Blue Prints, Permits and Licenses
  • Zoning/Code Analysis
  • Site Analysis
  • Existing Site Conditions Review
  • Overview of Business Idea
  • Budgeting
  • Quoting & Pricing of Services
  • Timing Estimating
  • Contracts & Agreements

Selection of Services & Design Projection:

  • Design Approach
  • Review & Approval of Designs Presented by Department
  • Planning Department Reviews
  • Plan/Elevation/Perspective Studies
  • Material Selections
  • Project Finalization
  • Photography
  • Post-construction Services